In this blog I am going to sum up what I took away from Nathalie’s excellent talk but also what I think stops people coming to a talk like this and why the people who could generally benefit the most generally don’t show up.


Nutrition is a dry subject, the most common phrase we get from people is “I know what I should be eating” and I generally think that is true, maybe the quantities are a bit off and some of the usual myths need to be spoken about but generally people have an okay level of nutritional knowledge. It can be a difficult sell then to members to say here is a free talk by an expert on a subject that you are looking for help on, number 1 is that the less people know the less they think they need to know and number 2 most people feel someone like Nathalie will judge them.

Nathalie managed to keep the subject matter light and splatter in anecdotes of her own training and previous related client’s problems. This kept us engaged and like most things in life, looking for help with ourselves. The fact that Nathalie is very fit and obviously passionate about nutrition and healthy living in general is huge for me, I have been to many similar talks before where the speaker has been almost embarrassed as they weren’t living the life they prescribe to people. It was also a big thing for me as we tend to only refer to physios, dieticians, doctors who’s first answer when presented with a problem is to stop all activity or a simplistic plans like “just give up sugar or never run again”.  Working with Nathalie has been great for us as she doesn’t have a “just stop eating chocolate” mentality, she will work with the client and not let any pre determined bias get in the way, she knows that a client is more likely to adhere if you are getting them to do more of what they like and are used to.


Nathalie’s main theme was the best diet is the one that you can stick to.

I understand this type of statement can annoy people as they want a blanket cut and paste type diet, carbs are bad, no eating before bed type rule to follow but I think nutrition is that important we need to debate and scrutinise it. Too often we look down on people for making things complicated but there are very few conditions in life that won’t be at least helped by good quality nutrition and Scotland is in this weird paradox of never being more into sport yet never having more health problems. This sort of anti academic approach is one of the main reasons that people find it so hard to lose weight, those around you will try to stop or at least hinder you.

The second biggest takeaway from the talk was that people will gain on average 1kg per year until they die, so it’s maybe better to focus on not gaining weight than it is to try to lose weight. This scared the hell into my partner Lynsey. Having just started to live together, I tried to follow her diet whilst at home. There is a 4 stone weight difference between us so I lost 5pounds in my first week. The second week she tried to compensate and gained 2 pounds where i lost 2 pound. So like all good relationships we are having to talk about solutions and how to stop me wasting away and her beating the 1kg weight gain per year. Nathalie focussed on what has changed in your life, job, relationships, activity and how these simple changes have a massive impact on our weight and diet in general.

Does you workplace have cake Fridays? Does your partner bring snacks home? Do you move less since you were promoted? All things to take note off before you beat yourself up

Why Come Along?

Lastly, these type of events aren’t just great for the information. It’s the nuggets you get from the chat afterwards or when someone asks a question that sparks a thought process that might lead to some form of change within you. Everyone thinks reading is about the information in the book, it’s not. It’s about the actual process that comes from reading, reflecting on what you have read and relating it your life. Events like this are the same, you have probably heard most of the information before but just by being a person that goes to talks like this makes you more likely to be where you want to be or at least for change to occur.

Having started this company 4 years ago, we are massive on community events and again the event is not the thing. The thing is getting people together to interact and maybe try something different that will hopefully spark off something fun and worthwhile in their life. This type of change is always easier when you have a group of like minded individuals to do it with.

Nathalie is a brilliant dietician and we refer any clients that need deeper nutritional help to her for more information.

If you’d like to speak to one of the IO coaches you can contact us here.