What diet have you tried before? Have you tried more than one? What worked well and what was awful?

The Fitness and Nutrition industry is huge just now and this has led to a boom in weird fads that most people know won’t work but are willing to give it a go to see if this new diet ‘Is the secret to instant weight loss’

Quite often dieters are mocked for trying these new diets but if I told you about the amount of weird and wonderful things I have tried to grow my business you would see it’s perfectly normal to try shortcuts. Below is a short breakdown of most major diets and why they work.

  • Low Carb – Eat less than 100g of carbs per day and replace with protein and fat – Works by creating a calorie deficit
  • Slimming World – Focus on cooking and eating whole foods – Works by creating a calorie deficit
  • 5:2 fasting – Limit calories to 500 2x per week and then eat normally 5x per week – Works by creating a calorie deficit
  • Low Fat – Eat low fat foods and replace with more carbs and protein – Works by creating a calorie deficit
  • Weight Watchers – Points based system to help with portion control – Works by creating a calorie deficit
  • Atkins – Ultra low carb replaced with Protein and Fat – Works by creating a calorie deficit

As you can see all diets have a common theme, they are just a system that allows you to be in some form of calorie deficit. What ever system is easiest for you to follow and stay consistent is the one that is best for you, I once had a colleague who tried the wheetabix diet. Don’t do that one.

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