Where are you most likely to slip up with your diet?

What time of day do you find most difficult?

How often do you slip up per week?

I have been looking at the most recent research and it seems that most people slip up whilst at home, at night and on average it is 4 times per week. If this resonates with you, what have you tried to ensure you don’t slip up?

Here at IO some of members came up with a few suggestions,

  • Emptying the cupboards of high risk foods
  • Switching to low calorie alternatives
  • Eating dinner later at night to avoid snacking
  • Giving themselves a 8pm curfew

At IO one of the first things we do with new members is get them to gain awareness around their eating and then come up with strategies to deal with the problem. Self control and willpower will only get you so far so what can you put in place that will make it easier for you to make better choices.

If you are reading this, I’d love to hear what works for you and also if night time isn’t your problem time. I hear the phrase “I know what to do” hundreds of times a year, sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes and some support for you to be able to change.