In this latest blog I try to mash Slumdog Millionaire, economics and the fact even people who sell health investment don’t take their own advice, together to come together with some vague reference to how important your health is and why you should value it. Excited? Let’s begin.

For £100, what percentage of PT’s have a pt of their own?

  1. Mostly all.
  2. About half.
  3. Hardly Any.
  4. They don’t buy what they sell.

The answer is a combo of 3&4. Weirdly if you went to a tattoo artist without tattoos you would feel weird and if you went to pension expert who didn’t save for their retirement you would maybe think twice.

People aren’t rational, in the cold light of day if you knew that smoking one cigarette per day has been shown to take 7mins off your life, you probably wouldn’t smoke or would you? Quite often when the latest round of studies come out showing that Scotland is the sick person of Europe, ministers will come out and say we need more information and education. Really? We have never been more informed, we walk around with super computers in our back pockets and barely a week goes by without another health documentary comes out showing the effects of simple diet and lifestyle changes can make.

For £1000, in a recent study 69.7% of Scottish nurses were reported to be overweight, is this because of:

  1. The shifts.
  2. Chocolate all over the ward.
  3. Staff shortages resulting in no time to eat properly or mindfully.
  4. A calorie surplus likely aided by 1-3.

Nurses are by definition smart people, they do a difficult job in ever more difficult circumstances, do they need to be taught that being healthy is better than not? Like most things in life, people don’t talk about the power of networks, the herd effect is so powerful that any attempt to change behaviour or be different to the group is nigh on impossible. It becomes a lot more accepted to be overweight the more people that are overweight. Can it be claimed that nurses don’t want to invest in their health? I bet they do want to it just isn’t that easy.

For £250,000, in a fairly old study people were asked to rate themselves as drivers. What percentage said they were above average?

  1. 10% because we are a pessimistic bunch.
  2. 50% as that’s basically true.
  3. 90%.
  4. They declined to answer and instead just blamed cyclists.

The answer is 90%, us humans are a weirdly optimistic bunch when it comes to evaluating risk and poor in regards to self awareness. As we can’t see the harm that sitting does incrementally or see fat cells grow individually we are quite oblivious to the change until something drastic happens. Teaching awareness is a key component of changing your behaviours but can often be overlooked in our busy world.

For the £1million, what percentage of people who need to take a pill per day to stay alive, take that pill everyday?

  1. 100%.
  2. 75%.
  3. Around 50%.
  4. The people who didn’t take the pill couldn’t vote.

The answer is 3. When the risks are so obvious, humans are still hopelessly optimistic that it won’t happen to them.

To sum up, investing in your own health has incredible returns and quite often a little commitment per day can extend your life and quality of it by years. The great thing about investing in yourself is the compounding interest on it, by going on a cooking course you will forever have that skill and it will likely lead to you trying different types of cooking styles and becoming more aware of where your food comes from. By getting a health MOT you will have greater awareness of your health and be able to rectify some of the problems before it becomes an issue. We sell coaching, once you have a good coach, you should be able to manage your own nutrition, training and mindset better than you have done before.

Here is a few tips to get some excellent ROI in yourself:

  • Take stock. I use this every December to see how I have done this year and where I am going to focus my attention.
  • Look at those around you and see what effect they have on you, good and bad. Quite often if you are strong enough to change then after those around you have stopped trying to drag you down they will often try to change as well.
  • Pay someone to show you how to get somewhere you want to go. Want to learn to cook? Go on a cooking course. Struggling with debt? Go to the money advice people. Boring story but I hated coffee but knew it was good for training performance so did a days work experience at coffee shop to learn all about it.
  • Read. Even fiction has been shown to improve brain function, mood, health in general. I read this recently and it’s one of those books that really changes the way you look at things. We tend to read and watch the same things over again which is fine for keeping boredom at bay but won’t develop you much.

At IO, we have 3 excellent coaches who specialise in nutrition, mindset and training. Our two main aims are:

  1. To make this the best part of your day
  2. To make you independent of us.

If you would like to invest in yourself by hiring us, please do so here.