I have been playing about with different types of software for about a year now that can effectively give bespoke meal plans to our clients. There has been plenty of awful examples and I think I have finally found the one but I have been very against giving out meal plans for a very long time.

I started off this little company with big ambitions to teach clients how to learn more about nutrition and give them long term views on dieting and how to deal with what life throws at them but in truth it has been a bit of pissing against the wind, looking for a virtuous way of helping people instead of giving them what they want. Most people just want a simple plan to stick to and enough information to get by. We have a really strong community and members do like learning more about exercise and mindset but I would of saved myself a lot of hassle over the past 5 years if i had done more of a combination approach, get people a quick result and then improve their knowledge over time.

What makes a good meal plan?

  • Should be clear and allow some form of flexibility for when life throws a spanner at you.
  • Must be achievable and be based on your likes and dislikes and not what your coach likes.
  • Your cooking skills and budget must be able to follow it.
  • It must be broken down into chunks like 4-6 weeks to make it more achievable.
  • Must fit your habits, if you don’t eat breakfast then it should match this.

Bad meal plans are so common it’s unreal but it’s mainly due to 1 reason and that’s the coach is trying to get you to eat what they eat and how they eat it. We have loads of clients with this feedback from any meal plans they have done elsewhere, even following celebrity diets can be fraught as it is really difficult to scale a business to help loads of people if the process of helping that person can take a lot of time and care. Even us with around 50 clients couldn’t do it for all of them without hiring another member of staff and getting the poor bugger to do it for hours on end each day.

The rise of popularity of people like the body coach has shown me that people want a really clear plan for a short period of time to follow and want a quick result from it. Our business has seen a lot of growth with the more hybrid approach of coaching people online who don’t need/want to see us as regularly as the rest of our members but want to be able to ask questions or get a plan for their nutrition and training sorted. The fitness industry is still a relatively young one so things will develop and improve and as competition goes up then standards will too.

Meal plans are the answer if you have a short term goal in mind, if you want a kick of motivation and they are great for getting you to try new stuff out and getting out of your normal routine, we will be launching ours in the coming months so watch this space for more info or follow us on Facebook.