Why I Joined IO

I am a woman in my late sixties and I just thought I had put weight on. As I get older I was worried about the weight round my middle as my mother had died of type1 diabetes. After seeing the hypos she endured I really didn’t want to end up like that, so I had to think of something to get fitter and thinner.

The weight had started to creep up on me through comfort eating. My Mum had died and my Dad was on his own so when I retired I started to look after him. He then developed cancer of the bladder and I became his full-time carer. It was enjoyable for a few years as we had many lovely outings and fun. It all became very stressful once he went through chemotherapy and then radiotherapy which was horrific for a man in his nineties. I was getting called out in the middle of the night and sleeping on the chair making sure he was ok. He died last April after an awful year for him and the family. We had put our holiday on hold while he was ill, so In June last year we had a great holiday and met lovely people and really enjoyed ourselves.

When I come back from the holiday in America and Canada I joined Inside Out. I had started looking at my holiday photographs on our return and was horrified to see a person I really didn’t recognise. Who was that overweight person I was seeing, I knew I had put on some weight put didn’t realise how much until I saw the photographs.

Feeling Welcome

A friend of mine Chris whom I worked beside had joined Inside Out with Graham a few years before and I remembered how fantastic she looked on a night out and how much weight she had lost. I contacted her for Graham’s details and texted him to ask if my husband and I could meet with him. We met in a coffee shop and had a chat and he asked about our fitness levels and what we wanted to achieve from joining his gym. He was so friendly and so easy to talk too and we both felt at ease with him straight away.

We are both curlers and curl approximately 3 to 4 times a week in the winter months so we both felt fairly fit but we were never in a gym and to tell the truth gyms just terrified me so I didn’t know what to expect. I needn’t have been terrified though as this was not the kind of gym I was expecting. Having one to one training is fantastic, it gives you so much confidence especially as we were given expert nutritional advice which we followed every day. I can honestly say that it has changed both our lives. It is not a diet and there is no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ food and if you have a bad day the ethos is just start again the next day. Graham is a lovely guy he is so easy to talk too and such a good listener. I am amazed that he remembers half I say to him, he is so interested in what we are doing and is so encouraging with our progress. We both really look forward to coming to the gym once a week, he keeps the program varied which we both enjoy. Sometimes I walk in feeling tired and irritable but I always come out feeling fantastic.

He encouraged me to join the ‘boxercising’ class run by Adele and I just love it. This class is great for getting rid of all the stress and frustration in your life. It is a hard workout but so enjoyable, I just keep smiling while doing the exercise.

What I’ve achieved

In the last eleven months, I have now lost 20 pounds but most importantly I have lost many inches. In the last few years I was always a size 14, I am now buying a size 10 trousers and 12 tops. I would like to lose more but I still want to enjoy my life so I still go out for nice meal and do enjoy a nice glass of wine. I will not give up exercising now though as Graham has shown me how much fun it is and what a fabulous gym he runs with him and Adele and Kate and I would recommend it to anyone.

We now have three lovely grandsons and we now feel so much healthier and fitter to enjoy playing with them and being with them for many years to come thanks to Graham and his team.

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