I recently asked my wife if I was a different person from this time last year. She responded by asking me what made me think this, well….

Around a year ago I started training at Inside Out, and since then I have made a LOT of positive changes in my life. When I joined Inside Out I was reasonably fit, I ran occasionally and played football several times a week. I didn’t really like the idea of working out in a gym at all. I was having a hard time at work, my diet had suffered and I was starting to put on a bit of weight. I had put this down to just one of those things that happens in your thirties. I’m glad that I’ve managed to prove myself wrong.

Personalised Service

My first session was great, I was welcomed into the studio and assessed to see what I could do and what I needed to focus on. I was asked what my goals were and it was explained how I could reach them. Nutrition was discussed fully over the first few sessions and it was explained how training combined with good eating habits could help me reach my goal. I wasn’t given a template of what to do I was given personal advice that suited my lifestyle, habits,and likes. I was instantly made to feel like I was getting personalised attention rather than a carbon copy template or diet that works for others. Training at Inside Out was always going to be something that was tailored to meet my needs and if things changed so would the training to help me get to where I wanted to be.

So far, so good. I would love to tell you what to expect at a one to one session at Inside Out but I genuinely can’t. My training changes regularly and as needed. It fits around my other exercise habits and compliments them rather than hinders I’ve started enjoying things I never thought I would. I still don’t care how much I can dead-lift or how many press-ups I can do, I’m just continually amazed at the fact that I can do them and how far I’ve come in such a small amount of time. In addition to the one to one training I love going to the classes. All the classes are fantastically run no matter who takes them and you always feel well taken care of. If you have an injury or a special circumstance exercises are adjusted so you can take part.The challenge is also increased as required so if it looks like your having things a little too easy be prepared work.

The atmosphere is fantastic and welcoming no matter your level of fitness. I love going to the classes and working with other people. The studio recently had it’s anniversary party and taking my wife and new-born child was a fantastic experience.

The IO Mantra

Inside Out have two mantras which I think says a lot about the studio. They want your visit to be the best part of your day and that one day you’ll become independent of them and be able to take care of your training and nutrition on your own. It shows how dedicated each trainer is to their client. Personally, I love going to the studio, it’s one of the highlights of my week and I always leave feeling better about myself and the day ahead. Secondly, I already feel like I could be more independent of Inside Out but in all honesty I enjoy the sessions and classes too much to consider taking up a gym memberships.

Training is hard, it’s not easy to improve yourself and get where you want to be but by joining Inside Out I became part of a supportive community that will do everything they can to help me get there.

So, am I different person from a year ago?

Oh yes, I’m stronger, fitter, leaner,happier, mentally more resilient and have much greater  more control of my own fitness and diet. I couldn’t have done this without Inside Out, I can’t wait to see the improvements next year.

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