70% of Lottery Winners go bankrupt within 5 years.
96% of people who use Weight Loss shakes/pills/extreme diets will end up heavier than when they started.

I think these two groups are linked and I write this without trying to shame either, I admire both for having the courage to try the lottery or try strange diets, at least it’s action.

Why I think they fail is that they both miss the friction of change, the bit where you actively make a choice to choose the harder option and learn from it.

– Meal Planning
– Stopping before you are full
– Protein with every meal
– Moving often and to a degree of exertion

This is an incredibly basic list but strip everything away and this is the game, which one isn’t working for you? If you do these things really well most of the time then you will be in a really good place.

I’m often conflicted between making this a place that people are happy to be vulnerable and making it a place that people are encouraged to reach their goals but there was a time when exercising was difficult and now it’s not so much, what did you learn from that?

You have achieved the ‘Moving often and to a degree of exertion’ habit, what needs done with the other 3?

The moment it gets hard is the moment you learn something, once you have nailed the habit you stop learning.