Where the story began

I was a normal mid twenties guy, was in decent shape by leading a semi-balanced life football regularly, swimming and going on sporadic gym regimes now when at the ripe of old age of 26 i had to have an operation to repair a long running (get it?) hip condition. I had known Graham from IO previously through football and upon discussing my surgery, he took an interest in the recovery and was regurly offering advice as a friend on how to strengthen the affected areas, with that I decided to take on some 1-to-1 sessions to work on my recovery more actively.

Joining IO

I spent few years of doing my own thing, working through some of the commericial gyms with the attitude of “get the tunes on, get the workout done, avoid eye contact and get out”. I felt that I was putting in the time and effort to an extent but the results were not transferring back to the football field or general fitness/stamina. I joined up to IO’s group classes in the belief at the time if i did it for a few weeks I would learn what i needed and could go back to working on my own.

Admittedly I was a little apprehensive about joining full time, as I had very rarely worked out as part of a group and I also had the narrow mindset that using deadlifts and bench presses were only for a certyain type of gym goer. Graham and the people I met at the first few sessions could not have been more welcoming, all on different journeys and offering encouragement without ever being intrusive but always having time to assist with form and technique should it be needed.

I’m now 2 years with Inside Out and while I have had my own ups and downs with fitness and injury, the group sessions have remained a highlight during my time their. I still train with the people I did on my first group session and have met many more amazing people and done workouts that I would have previously considered to be “no for me”. I can now do these as second nature and when you combine those things, it makes the journey to achieving your goals alot more enjoyable and not so much about the time it takes you to get there.

Onwards (and upwards)

Personally, I’ve always had a weird relationship with gyms/studios, I dont broadcast that I train, I kinda hoped people thought i just stayed in shape naturally, so writing this is really messing with me! My only real goal when joining IO was to get a little more from my workout but from there I have gained the confidence in my own physical progression to take on bigger tasks.

Earlier in the year I climbed Ben Nevis for charity and the IO community helped in every way imaginable. From its members donating very generoursly to the cause, Kate & Abby leading a charge up Ben Narnairn to help bag my first Munro in training, to recovery support in the aftermath. It really was a rallying to help one person out but that is only one example of the many things IO does to help its members and the wider community.