A friend’s wedding was coming up. I spotted a dress I loved and realised that if I went joint custody with a friend it was within my grasp. It arrived, my co-parent tried it on, it fit like a glove and looked amazing. I tried it on. The zip stopped in its tracks. Heartache.


It was just over a week before the wedding. That day I happened to be in with Graham and told him my predicament.The great thing about training with him is he takes your challenges and makes them his own. Immediately he got to thinking of a solution that would get me into my frock without compromising my everyday life or messing with my system too much.


I admit, it took a little more dedication than normal that week, ensuring I got as many sessions in as possible which he was more than willing to accommodate. The more weight I shifted the better I felt about achieving success as his client too. That’s what he’s there for after all. By the time I got dressed and headed to the do, the dress fit perfectly and I felt a million dollars – and really proud of myself for achieving it.


I’ve never tried anything like that before. I’ve been going to IO for a few years because it keeps me feeling fit and my weight stable where I’m ok with it. To go in with an actual goal for the first time in ages actually turned into a weirdly enjoyable challenge and I felt totally encouraged. It wasn’t even that hard! I’d definitely recommend working with IO in general, I go because I like spending my time with the people there and that makes excercise easier. But to be given tailored solutions for a specific target and support along the way is the best. Thanks IO!


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