Jill isn’t moving as well or as much as she used to and she worries about falling and losing her independence when she is older. Her mum had osteoporosis and she nursed her through some pretty tough times when she broke her hip. She heard somewhere that using weights can improve bone density, give her back some strength in her muscles, and some energy and vitality so as not to not feel so tired all the time.

Jill’s weight has been steadily creeping up over the last few years. Her daughter is getting married in the Spring of next year and she wants to feel confident and look toned and fabulous in her mother of the bride outfit! She has tried every diet out there but always put the weight back on again and is frustrated. She’s not sure how to go about making life long health changes as she doesn’t want this to be just another short term thing again.

Jill used to be a member of a large gym. She heard that cardio was good for losing weight so twice a week she worked out on the stepper machine for 20/30 minutes. She did this for a few weeks,  not only was it boring but she never noticed any difference in her weight or shape. She didn’t enjoy the gym experience. No-one seemed to notice the fact that she needed a bit of guidance and support.

Jill spotted a woman of her age lifting weights and moving well and commented to her friend about how strong and lean she looked and how she wished she could move that way too.

She decides to ditch her membership at the big gym and go find a smaller private gym where the coaches genuinely care about her, where she can learn to use weights safely in order to move better, get leaner and fitter and can be part of a community. A place where she can enjoy exercise and experience all the benefits that transfer across to living a healthier and happier life.

Do you know a Jill? Do you want the same thing as Jill?

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