When you are in the wrong side of 60 you start to realise that keeping fit and strong will not only encourage a healthy ageing in terms of your body but also, current research suggests,that regular exercise encourages a healthy brain.

On that basis, I joined a local gym and attended Pump classes faithfully three times each week. Loved it, really love weights but was kinda bored. Little else that the gym offered seemed to me to fit a 66 year old woman. Then I saw the advert for the Active 8. A programme that was specifically geared to my age group. Still attending the Pump classes I decided to give it a try.

I love it! I love the fact that every session is different, that Graham pushes but not too hard and is also prepared to say ‘enough’ when I get carried away with enthusiasm.

I love the way that he emails to check on how I feel after a particularly tough session. I enjoy some of the challenges he sets us as a group. So, I have now given up my previous gym and go to Inside Out three /four times a week.

My husband and one of my dearest friends have also joined. Each of them looking for something very different from me……that’s what Inside Out and Graham offer.