I am a 31 year old male so please excuse my attempt to talk about something that I have never experienced but having done this job for 14 years and encountered hundreds of members who are either thinking about retiring, in the midst of it or those who have been for a few years now there seems to be one common theme that unites all of those who have had or go on to have a good retirement.


Learning a new skill, picking up a new hobby, volunteering, helping out with grandkids, whatever your plans for retirement is it doesn’t seem to matter unless you have control of your schedule.

Here at IO, we give you back control of your health. Unlike other gyms, our goal is to make you independent of us, if we have given you back control and confidence then we have done our jobs. We know that all our members ‘know what to do’ but we give them the control so they start doing ‘what they know how to do’.

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