What changes about training as you get older? In this blog I’ll give you some helpful information and raise some points that you can use to get the most out of your training and ensure you are both fit and healthy.

  1. Keep it simple, quite often when starting out we try and complicate things too much, if you aren’t training at all just now then just commit to once a week and build up as you go along. If you have spent 62 years never really exercising, it’s probably best just to start with once per week and build up when you see fit.
  2. Do something you enjoy and do it with friends, this makes it far more likely you will stick to it and gain loads more benefits than just simple weight loss and health improvement.
  3. Warm up more, as joints age it takes longer for them to get ready for exercise, cycling, walking, cross trainer for 10mins and then something like this (please excuse the scary looking dudes in this video) would be a great benefit.
  4. Doing that video with the scary looking dudes everyday would be a massive help for you mobility and stiffness.
  5. Lift heavy things. A properly designed training programme will bring loads of benefits like lowered risk of fracture when you fall, decreased risk of osteoporosis, improved skin complexion and also it’s great for your mental health and confidence to be able to achieve something like lifting a new personal record.
  6. Avoid impact if possible, if you love running then look out for tracks or grass to run on. If you love step aerobics look at the shock absorption of your trainers. Loading your bones with weight is really important in later life but using weights is a safer method and can avoid things like arthritis etc.
  7. Get help. No one ever tries to learn to drive themselves but when trying to learn how to change our body shape and become healthier which is about the single most important thing in life, we rely on our friend who has no experience or qualifications but at least it’s not scary. We aren’t scary, get in touch here or join up to our active 8 programme which in 8 weeks will show you how to do all these things.

Hope that helps and if you have any questions just comment below or contact us here.