A cool study a few years ago found out that Bronze medalists are happier than Silver medalists, they found that Silver medalists focussed on missing out on the Gold medal whilst Bronze medalists were delighted to be on the podium. I have literally no idea what this has to do with what to do once you have reached your Goal shape but you have to admit it’s interesting huh?

Most of our members have been wanting to lose weight for a long time, it’s usually an all encompassing desire, it plagues the fore front of their mind and determines the way they eat, act and dress. Once they got to a place where they are reasonably happy with their shape and the associated benefits of weight loss then it can be quite a strange experience. They often wander what will occupy most of their thoughts now they don’t have that to worry about their weight, like a prisoner finally released who is suffering from the after effects of Stockholm Syndrome.

As this occurs we start looking at more positive goals, “What do you want to be able to do?” It’s such a hard question to be asked as they have never looked at it in this way. Every 6 months at Inside Out we have a IO Strong competition to test how strong everyone is and it is amazing to see the confidence members get from this as they see that they are strong and their new lifestyle has come with loads of cool benefits they had never even considered. Here’s a list of a few things that we talk to members about once they are ready to move on from losing weight.

  • What do they really like doing training wise, if the like lifting weights, have they thought about powerlifting, Strongman/woman events or competing in a highland games?
  • If they prefer more endurance/cardio what about a cycling etape, a 10k run or even the west highland way?
  • If you like a mix of things what about the OCR events like Tough mudder or  Total Warrior?
  • Quite often this type of change can have an effect on other areas of their life, would you like to become a PT, a counsellor or even a dietician?

In life you don’t get many opportunities to get such obvious wins and feelings of achievement as you do in fitness. This feeling of self worth can spread into all areas of members life and be a really positive force for good but as coaches we need to be very aware of when the best time to have this chat is so members don’t end up like dogs chasing cars who once they catch the car have no idea to do with it.

If you have made a huge change in 2017, what does 2018 hold for you? At IO we have a IO Strong event, a 5k run and monthly community events to get members to taste what it’s like to do these things and because it’s with a group of nice people it’s a lot less daunting. Sound good? If the answer is yes, get in touch here.