Are you stuck?
Weight not moving?
Starting to come off track a bit?
This is one of the reasons I hate traditional diets and think that short blasts of 3-4 weeks of calorie deficits followed by a period of maintenance could be a the way forward, here are a few tips to get things moving again.
  • Have you been dieting for too long? take a break for a few days from tracking calories/points/syns, the longer you try to follow something the more likely adherence will slip.
  • Big structural change, why not try fasting? Skipping breakfast? Try to stick to a very low calorie diet for 2 weeks?
  • Ramp up everyday exercise, walking, cycling. An hours walk per day could be a pound per week of weight loss.
  • Increase the % of protein in your diet, use handy online tools like My Fitness Pal to work out how much protein you are getting everyday. Different Ages, Genders and Activity levels will dictate the level needed but most people are under that target.
  • Set a goal. I want to be down a dress size in 6 weeks and work out what that will take to get there. This is relatively straightforward to work out.
  • Don’t set a goal or at least not a weight/shape one. The members I see make the greatest changes is when they shift their identity, by playing Netball they become more like Netball players, by aiming to become really strong they become more like really strong people and don’t think so much about weight and shape.
  • Measure different things. Putting too much stress/emotion/emphasis on the scales can create a really awful experience. How’s cholesterol looking? Has your waist changed? Are you getting stronger?
I see this quite often when people are out of the self loathing stage but not yet in the stage where they believe they can be different and keep it up. When identity doesn’t match behaviour then we can get things like sabotaging etc.