A year ago I found it hard to recognise myself. Recovering from cancer, back injuries and PTSD had left me grumpy and wary and angry at my own weakness. My waist was disappearing, my energy levels had evaporated and my experience was that most people in the ‘fitness industry’ understood nothing and cared less about supporting older women and their battered bodies.

Graham’s wisdom, knowledge and skills have been a revelation. In the last year he has seen me in tears and in triumph and has remained consistently patient and kind. Structuring my work around three weekly sessions has sometimes been tricky but the benefits are tangible. My strength of mind has improved as I have recovered and surpassed the physical strength I had as a younger woman. My stamina and breathing are measurably better. My flexibility and confidence have increased and I’m enjoying the appearance of muscle in unexpected places. And on top of that I get a real buzz out of lifting weights.

As a bonus, I have lost 6- 7kgs. In real money that means I’m wearing medium size trousers from Zara (!) and rediscovering clothes that have been hiding in the back of the wardrobe.