We have a new dog rather egotistically called Angus, he’s a lovely working cocker spaniel and my partner is determined for him to have all the best things, he has loads of toys, all of the treats and an orthopedic bed. I’m not even sure dog’s spines would benefit from an orthopedic bed but there you go.

I was in the pet shop today buying him these beautiful coloured poo bags that are more importantly thick and a guy about my age was in with his dog. We did the usual, how old is your dog, what’s his name dance and then once the chat had quietened down I could see that he had loads of things ready to buy, I quickly glanced at his wares and before I could say anything he said “I just couldn’t bear for my dog to go without”.

It’s a fairly normal thing to say but it got me thinking about something I had just read regarding the fact that people always treat their pets better than they treat themselves, we would never allow what happens to us to happen to our pets or even human loved ones.

  • Dog whines for a few seconds and we respond instantly and go through the list of all the possible issues that could be causing said whine.
  • Us. Stuck in job for years that we hate and causes untold stress and worry. Don’t take action.
  • Cat has a cough for a few days and we run the little bugger to the vet quicker than you can say “ate something off the street”
  • We have a cough for years and just ignore it and attribute it to seemingly random things like the weather or the time of year.

Psychologists would probably talk about the theory of people being shamed out of doing things for themselves and the two greatest drivers for people are the fear of death and the fear of humiliation, putting the onus on yourself and being kind to yourself or at least taking steps to make life better for yourself may be perceived as increasing chances of humiliation.

Take a minute and write out what advice you would give to yourself if you could, maybe it’s easier to be nicer to pets and others because buying stuff and giving advice is the easy bit but taking action is the hard bit.

Once you have written the advice down, what’s the smallest step you can take towards making it happen?

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