I’ve been training with Graham for a few months now. My aim is to strengthen my back after illness has left me with serious spinal injuries that affect my posture and cause fatigue. Graham has really taken the time to understand my issues and devise a plan to tackle them whilst being sensitive to my limitations. He takes the time to make sure I understand what I’m doing and that I’m doing it properly. I’m already starting to feel a significant improvement.

Graham and Kate are genuinely lovely folk. The studio has a great atmosphere, open, laid back and friendly, without the posturing and vanity you might associate with a gym. Ok its hard work but it’s also good fun, with a healthy balance of serious work and irreverent chat. A sense of community is important to Graham and, despite being averse to Facebook and generally anti-social, I still feel a sense of this through the other members I meet in the studio. I’ve never been one for indoor exercise but I really enjoy my time at Inside Out.

Despite claiming to only like ‘Metal’ Graham is always open to playing other kinds of music in the studio, which is very eclectic of him. Kate makes up for Graham’s unadventurous, monochrome work-out wardrobe with an array of dynamic, graphic leggings.

The guys are always happy to accommodate my dog Logan in the studio on days when he needs come in with me, although I’m starting to think that they prefer his company to mine.

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