Preparation can look a lot like action.

Setting up complicated diet spreadsheet, buying a fitbit, ordering an organic food delivery which is designed to your exact requirements and specification, following a personal trainer online ‘who tells it like it is’, downloading the latest pop psychology book onto your kindle with a snappy title which teases your curiosity gland like “The power of saying maybe” or “Be a better person with this 2 minute trick doctors don’t want you to know”.

All these habits can be helpful but they masquerade as action.

I have been doing this recently, I bought this book¬†Grit and it’s great but I thought by merely buying the book I would improve. I hired a trainer to write my workouts for me which again was great but I hadn’t started going back to the gym yet to do any training.. My final act of motion has been to research really hard long distance events, the idea being that having a massive goal will spur me into action, it did not.

Do you recognise these types of behaviours? Are you stuck in planning instead of doing?

I’ve found a solution that is working well so far for me. I’ve chosen 3 incredibly simple behaviours that will get me closer to what I am trying to achieve in health, business and with finances.

  1. Stretch for 2 minutes each day when I first get into work.
  2. Check my bank accounts each day.
  3. Do 1 thing that moves the business forward.

It’s almost embarrassing to share these 3 things because it seems so simple but that’s the beauty of it. Each of the habits are so small that I can achieve them and feel good for having done so. This will most likely lead to me doing more stretching, more finance checking and helpful things for the business.

I am only on day 13 but it has completely transformed how I structure my days and how I reflect on them. I’m stretching everyday, not spending needlessly and doing business tasks I have been putting off for months. I track this on a simple spreadsheet that is the home page for my laptop. It’s strangely addictive crossing things off.

The spreadsheet or the specific habits don’t matter, it’s that action begets action.

Ready to take some action? Give this a try and let me know how you get on.