Get fitter, get stronger and tone up


Active8 is an 8 week small female group course for over 60’s only, who are new to resistance based exercise, who want to move better, get fitter, get stronger and tone up.

Designed around a whole health and well being approach, the course will run as small sessions that are designed to your goals, capabilities and likes, you can also attend any of our other 12 timetabled classes.

  • 10 sessions per week to choose from, come to as many as you like.
  • Monday 10 – 11am, Tuesday 10 – 11am, Wednesday 10 – 11am, Thursday 10 – 11am, Friday 10 – 11am
  • Away on holiday? We will pause your 8 weeks so you don’t miss out.
  • Max of 6 people on the course so you get the care and attention needed.
  • Full nutrition plan designed specific to you.
  • Full access to our private facebook group and monthly community events, next month is an archery lesson.

Our next course will be starting the 24th September and costs £200, which can be paid in full, in 2 instalments or weekly.

Sign up by calling Graham on 07834287181 or emailing

Active 8 Online

  • Week Free Trial
  • Nutrition Plan
  • Cost £80
  • Home workouts – Weekly
  • Daily Contact with a Coach

Slimming World Online

  • Week Free Trial
  • Nutrition Plan
  • Cost £79.95
  • Home workouts
  • Daily Contact with a Coach

Still not sure? Meet Marjorie!

In the last eleven months at IO Marjorie, who is in her late 60’s, has lost 20 pounds and most importantly she feels confident and in control.

“Graham has shown me how much fun it is to exercise and what a fabulous gym he runs with Kate, I would recommend it to anyone.”

Marjorie - Active8 Over 60's
Inside Out really helped me at first as I found it comforting knowing that someone took the time to learn about fibromyalgia. Graham helped me understand that if I look after myself, stay calm, eat well and stay mentally strong that my symptoms will ease off. I actually qualify as a nurse in 8 weeks and I definitely wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t been introduced to Inside Out!
When I first started at IO the first thing that hit me was the community, it was so welcoming! Adele broke down this lifestyle change in to small steps to make the change in habits more achievable. I think the most important change for me was being mindful of what I was putting in to my body. I’m actually enjoying trying to be a healthier, fitter version of me.
Louise Clason
Graham is incredibly down to earth, has never judged me (even when I have slipped up) and has helped to show me that subtle changes and forming better habits is the best way to make improvements that will last. Inside Out has been the most consistent thing I have ever done and this is why I have been so successful.