Our Coaches

Kate Pearson

She would spend all day outside if only she could, in the mountains, on the road or in the water. Kate was the first girl to complete the iron-distance triathlon City to Summit in 2014 and as far as we’re aware is the only person in Scotland (maybe Europe, possibly the world) to be stupid enough to swim 50km non-stop in a tiny swimming pool!

If that all sounds a bit crazy Kate is just your average mum of a crazy toddler, trying to juggle work, exercise and family life. And she wasn’t always like this.

Only 6 years ago she was overweight, inactive and miserable. Desperate to make some physical and personal changes, Kate joined a gym and slowly got active and is now a Certified Level 3 Personal Trainer. She struggles to say no to a bag of giant chocolate buttons, or a glass of bubbly, but she’s excited to join the wonderful Inside Out community.

Specialises in:

  • Getting to know clients and showing them how they can be fit and healthy without giving up the things they love.
  • Writing running programmes for beginners and advanced clients.
  • Creating great events for local charities and IO members.
Five months into my training, I climbed my first Munro, just before I turned 67. This is all due to the fact that Graham instills in me “confidence”.
Training is hard, it’s not easy to improve yourself and get where you want to be but by joining Inside Out I became part of a supportive community that will do everything they can to help me get there.
I loves the fact that every session is different, that Graham pushes but not too hard and is also prepared to say ‘enough’ when I get carried away with enthusiasm!