Inside Out Coaching Studio

What I think makes this different

This isn’t for you if all you want to talk about is fitness.
This isn’t for you if you are looking for an 8 week transformation with crash diets and brutal training sessions.
This isn’t for you if you want to turn up and be anonymous.
I keep numbers low so that you get to know each other, grow friendships in and out of the gym and so I can control all areas of your training and nutrition.
Sometimes you’ll be too tired to train but you can turn up for a coffee and a chat anyway.
I started this 6 years ago as I wanted a club where I would be happy to be a member. 
This isn’t a gym.
This is the antidote to the gym culture.

A wee bit about me.

Graham Angus - Personal Trainer/Director



I have over 15 years and 14,000 sessions behind me, I am an old head in the industry and look suitably weathered.

I started this company 6 years ago as I grew tired of working for companies and getting further away from actually helping people, this job can be all consuming but I can honestly say I have never not wanted to come into work, we have a wonderful atmosphere here and being able to spend time with the members is genuinely a lovely thing.

Away from work I am getting married in September, I have my first marathon coming up, we have a Cocker Spaniel called Angus who often helps at the gym and I am also studying economics part time at the open uni so things are pretty busy.

I like to think I am a pretty normal chap and not being an intimidating size is one of my greatest strengths and one of the reasons people feel comfortable here.



Five months into my training, I climbed my first Munro, just before I turned 67. This is all due to the fact that Graham instills in me “confidence”.
Training is hard, it’s not easy to improve yourself and get where you want to be but by joining Inside Out I became part of a supportive community that will do everything they can to help me get there.
I loves the fact that every session is different, that Graham pushes but not too hard and is also prepared to say ‘enough’ when I get carried away with enthusiasm!