Have you ever heard of someone in their 60’s taking up running? Using their retirement to play netball or trying Judo? Nah me neither. Why not though?

There is a common misconception that we decline as we age, this is partly true. It becomes harder to gain muscle, our calorie needs decrease and bone density often shrinks. We believe this to be true so it becomes true.

What if we reframe the term as ‘becomes harder’ instead of ‘inevitable decline’? The old adage is that we don’t stop doing things because we are old, we get old because we stop doing things.

In our over 60’s Active 8 group we performed a small jumping exercise this week, 4 inches off the ground. Everyone managed it no problem but most had forgotten how to jump. This may seems strange but when was the last time you jumped? This is true for many a thing, often old age comes with falls, moments where we need to get off the floor, be able to push ourselves out of a bath or to rise out of a seat, we normally just see the inability to do these things as ‘age’ but what if we say that age is no longer comes with inevitable decline but it just becomes harder or if we are being super stoic, age means we have had longer to practice these things.

At IO we have 2 goals and that is to make this the best part of your day and to make you independent of us. Life is going to throw you moments where you need to get off the floor or hell it may even mean you need to jump, why not practice for it and be ready for it.

To fully square the circle let’s think about things we want to be able to do instead of thinking about things we want to stop happening. Barring medical advice that you can’t, is there any reason that you can’t run? Can’t join a swimming club? Become a weightlifter?

Probably not.

Here at IO we give you the confidence to try new things and also give you the plan on how to do it. If you want to join our little group then please get in touch below. People who say they can and those who say they can’t are both usually right.