Elaine Coyle took part in our Ladies The Lift course earlier this year and lost a whopping 9cm, she’s shared some thoughts with us on what she feels she achieved during the 6 weeks….

Why did you join Ladies That Lift?

To get results and be involved in a proper progressive supportive programme. Improve strength, reduce injury risk, improve running, cycling, shape up and have a clear focus. I now have more awareness of what I put into my body, feel stronger, remained focussed and committed throughout the process.

Were you pleased with your results?

Yes, reasonably short time scale but still tangible results. I’ve learned that I can stick to a plan and be focussed and achieve results. I’m More aware of protein intake, more effort to fit sessions in around work.

What 3 things have gone well for you since joining Ladies That Lift?

Different way of working out rather than going to boring gym and lifting random weights. It’s always been progressive but challenging, it’s been kinda fun (and a bit sore LOL). You can get results while having fun and not depriving yourself.

Would you like to add anything?

Yes – thank you! I have enjoyed it and you (Adele) obviously enjoy what you do!

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Inside Out really helped me at first as I found it comforting knowing that someone took the time to learn about fibromyalgia. Graham helped me understand that if I look after myself, stay calm, eat well and stay mentally strong that my symptoms will ease off. I actually qualify as a nurse in 8 weeks and I definitely wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t been introduced to Inside Out!
When I first started at IO the first thing that hit me was the community, it was so welcoming! Adele broke down this lifestyle change in to small steps to make the change in habits more achievable. I think the most important change for me was being mindful of what I was putting in to my body. I’m actually enjoying trying to be a healthier, fitter version of me.
Louise Clason
Graham is incredibly down to earth, has never judged me (even when I have slipped up) and has helped to show me that subtle changes and forming better habits is the best way to make improvements that will last. Inside Out has been the most consistent thing I have ever done and this is why I have been so successful.