Active 8 2020

Active8 is an 8 week small female group course for over 60’s only, who are new to lifting weights, who want to move better, get fitter, get stronger and tone up.

Designed around a whole health and well being approach, the course will run as small sessions that are designed to your goals, capabilities and likes, you can also attend any of our other 14 timetabled classes.

  • 8 sessions per week to choose from, come to as many as you like.
  • Weekdays Monday 10&11am, Tuesday 10am (Yoga), Wednesday 10&11am, Thursday 10&11am and Friday 10&11am
  • Away on holiday? We will pause your 8 weeks so you don’t miss out.
  • Max of 6 people on the course so you get the care and attention needed

The next course starts on the 10th February 2020 and costs £240.

Get more info or to take one of the last places by calling Graham on 07834287181 or emailing

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Ordinary Gym

  • Cheap and long opening hours
  • A new programme every 4-6 weeks
  • 1 Instructor to 15 – 90 people
  • Often intimidating atmosphere

Slimming World

  • Weekly weigh in and talk
  • Usually 1 instructor to 20-30 people
  • Long term results unlikely for most people
  • No exercise

Get Started

Get Started

Get Started
Five months into my training, I climbed my first Munro, just before I turned 67. This is all due to the fact that Graham instills in me “confidence”.
Training is hard, it’s not easy to improve yourself and get where you want to be but by joining Inside Out I became part of a supportive community that will do everything they can to help me get there.
I loves the fact that every session is different, that Graham pushes but not too hard and is also prepared to say ‘enough’ when I get carried away with enthusiasm!