Our Coaches

Kirk Forster

Kirk has been with inside out since March and is the sports therapist of the team. He  moved down to Glasgow from Dundee 6 years ago to study sports therapy. He originally went to university to study sports coaching but after 2 years into the course felt it wasn’t the career path for him so he took a year out to work in retail then made the move to Glasgow after finding out about sports therapy through a friend.

He has always had a keen interest in sport since a young age, partaking in several sports and later going on to get coaching badges whilst studying. Having studied a sports coaching course and finding he took more interest in the injury and rehab side of things, he took the sports therapy route, taking a keen interest in massage and treatment of injuries. After qualifying in Swedish, Sports and Deep Tissue massage during the course he went on to work freelance after the course had finished.

Kirk loves to get members moving better, giving them more confidence in their body and also more awareness of how to keep them pain and injury free.

Specialises in:

  • Curing aches, pains and soft muscle injuries.
  • Giving members a plan for staying injury free
  • Representing Dundee and all it’s splendour
Inside Out really helped me at first as I found it comforting knowing that someone took the time to learn about fibromyalgia. Graham helped me understand that if I look after myself, stay calm, eat well and stay mentally strong that my symptoms will ease off. I actually qualify as a nurse in 8 weeks and I definitely wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t been introduced to Inside Out!
When I first started at IO the first thing that hit me was the community, it was so welcoming! Adele broke down this lifestyle change in to small steps to make the change in habits more achievable. I think the most important change for me was being mindful of what I was putting in to my body. I’m actually enjoying trying to be a healthier, fitter version of me.
Louise Clason
Graham is incredibly down to earth, has never judged me (even when I have slipped up) and has helped to show me that subtle changes and forming better habits is the best way to make improvements that will last. Inside Out has been the most consistent thing I have ever done and this is why I have been so successful.