Our 5th Anniversary

I thought this would feel a lot different to how it does. It feels exactly like 5 years.

I can’t actually say I thought we would survive 5 years, there has been a few times where it would of been a lot easier to just give up but here we are and again we grew massively last year.

Once a month or so Ill have an hour or a few days where I will go through what I can only describe is a dramatic loss of confidence. It always passes.

I didn’t mean to start a company, it just kind of happened. I was dangerously bored/unhappy as a fitness manager at David Lloyd so took a graduate position as Nightshift Manager at a local Morrisons. I lasted 9 weeks as I was the worst member of staff they have ever had but I walked out with a forklift driving qualification. Jumanji.

I had a car, mortgage etc to pay so moved to a gym in Shawlands, stayed 4 weeks after gaining 9 clients before sodding off to my first stint at the pentagon centre.

I rented space from another trainer and it was brutal trying to work in between a different set of members with a different ethos and atmosphere.

After leaving his studio I moved into a dark basement on High Street which will surely lead to some form of Vitamin D deficiency in the future.

We had 1 squat rack, a pull up station and 6 kettlebells and no space but it bloody worked.

Within a year we were back into the pentagon and into a room which would be described by a poor crime author as bleak.

After bumbling about between 3 different units in here we found ourselves in our current situ.

I like it here.

Over the next few months we have to overcome Sarah leaving and us growing a new IO Massage business, learning how to scale without going bankrupt and trying to improve our service and the ease of our members getting results.

Everything we do should be about making this place as welcoming and easy to get results as possible.

The uncertainty of my wages is something that I think I need to live with, I have slept many a night at the studio due to insane hours and have gone a fair few months without wages. I am highly aware of Survival Bias that is rampant in our society just now, If I work hard and take risks there is still a great chance I will fail.

It seems like a cliche to say it but being criticised for my creepy shorts this morning, holding a disco pump whilst Pitbull blared out last night and someone doing a full rendition of the greatest showman soundtrack on Wednesday is why I am still here and also why we are still here. There are loads of other gyms, loads of other pts but none as beautiful, harsh and flawed as you lot.

If for a second it comes across that Kate the arsehole and I aren’t grateful for you lot turning up, paying our wages and generally making this is a fairly ludicrous job to have then we have failed. People always come and go but thank you for being part of it and heres to another 5 years.